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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 15, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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kratz changed their plea in the killings of four men in bucks county, what it means for their casing forward. rolling with foles. >> my job right now toys step in that huddle and keep this thing rolling. >> eagles rely on their backup quarterback verse giants on sunday on fox, which players need to step up, to keep up, their winning ways. from the manger to the unemployment line, stormy's greatest scape cost her, her job, we will introduce you to the new cow, now featured at an olde city nativity scene. just like nick foles, right, except the next cow up. >> that cracked me up. >> that is original, nicely done there. >> and oddly replacement cow is a ginger. carson wentz. is that a bad thing to say. >> no, it is a compliment, my sister ace red head.
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let us know. >> aim not sure it is a compliment. >> talking about prince harry, carson, i don't think it is an insult, hi, it is friday. >> it is december 15th, car men again, what we do, and is this, no, and giants, so, anytime we have to say the word giants today because that is the eagles on sunday, if you do say the word giants, and any derivation of giant, you have to go outside without a coat on and stand across the street, across the street at the bus stop and then hug someone, and apologize to the city of philadelphia. >> i didn't agree with that. >> you weren't in the meeting and so, that was the penalty, and by the way we have the worst man nora in the city. >> happy hanukkah. >> happy hanukkah to everybody celebrating. we add a extra candle. >> look at that. >> it is candle.
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>> those are hand dipped. >> they don't even fit the holes. a pol guys for that as well. but anyway what did you say. >> it is going to be snow today. >> yes heck of the commute on the way home because everybody will be getting out of the school, some kid for the end of the week and even of the year, some kid. >> yeah. >> here we snow again, guys, weather on the numbers, scale of one to 10 it is a five, dry and cold to start but we are looking at snowfall moving in, temperatures, teens and 20's and look at bus stop buddy, do you think that qualifies as an ugly sweater. we will work on it more, maybe as we look at winter weather advisory you can see in purple from one until 9:00 p.m. we are watching for that snow, to move in, making for a rough afternoon commute but it is out of here in time for upcoming weekend. look at the temperatures right now doyletown 14, easton 11, 19 in chad forward, coatsville 12 that snow will move in
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around 1:00 continuing into south jersey sections of delaware we are looking at anywhere from one to 2 inches locally as high as 3-inch amounts before all is said and done. bob will talk about what it could mean for that friday afternoon, and commute. >> it will be rough, fridays are always rough to begin work holiday time and not enough snow onto shut everything down but just make things messy for this afternoon. here's a live look tacony palmyra, are you up yet? tacony palmyra is going up. 7:20 is your time. plan accordingly there or grab and extra doughnut for the delay, coming down boulevard southbound starting to see delays here on to the schuylkill expressway. watch for all and on and off ramps anything that didn't dry up, evaporate yesterday iced over this morning. live look at i-95 it some, two disabled in the construction zone causing a delay, big delays on 295 heading northbound up into cherry hill
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, new jersey because of an earlier accident near route 561, heading out front door, turnpike or kicks highway is best bet, and expect delays on the regional rails and look out for slippery platforms and ice in the parking lots, mike and karen, back to you. how about this at 7:04, long awaited grand jury report about hazing and excessive alcohol consumption by fraternities at penn state university is expected to be released this morning. center county d.a. will announce grand jury's report and recommendations during a press conference later this morning, grand jury started looking at broader safety issues with fraternities at state college about 10 months ago after death of timothy investigators have zeroed in on what cause that had horrific fire, tragic fire claimed the lives of two boy boys in montgomery county. they say it was a faulty extension cord plug in the space heater and that started the whole thing. it was so bad and intense it
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swept right through lukens family home there on s it avenue on wednesday and brian lukens a montgomery county deputy sheriff he did manage to get out but those two did not and these two little boys they go to this one school, the wife and nine year-old daughter did get out. father tried to go back in and rescue those children. they were on the second floor. they could in the get them out people are trying to give them what kind of peace that they can. >> six months from now they will need us as a community. a year from now they will need us as a community. we cannot change it but hopefully we can lift their spirits enough to keep them going. >> so they are trying to physically recover at this time but emotionallyly right before christmas this has to be something unimaginable to deal with. >> that is for sure. two people including a police officer were hurt in the crash. it looked kind of bad. >> steve could tell us how bad , he is at the scene, steve
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>> reporter: we're expecting a rough evening rush hour because of the weather conditions and you can see they are putting salt on the sidewalk in front of the central high school at intersection where this crash happened at ogontz anal new but this happened in clear weather and road no sign of ice or slush. police investigating this crash as we look at our pictures from a fellow officer in this unmark white ford patrol car have not yet said whether the officer was on his way to a radio call at the time, this happened at 12:30 just past midnight, if so, this car only has inside back window and inside the front grill flashing lights not any of the overhead lights on most most of the damage on the passenger side, so good thing there was no police partner sitting close to the impact, only officer driving and other civilian driver involved both with aches and pains and described to us by police as taken to einstein to be checked for minor injuries. this intersection as we come back live always busy around
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the clock two lanes each way with additional turning lanes. there is a surveillance camera on the light powe on the corner of the central high so investigators may get video help trying to figure out how this happened but it looks bad but it could have been a lot worse and it just shows a officer has that kevharvest to protect them begins being shot and good thing they have those side air bags to protect them when they are broadsided. 7:07. this is a major reversal very surprising, two cousins accused of killing and burying four young men over the sum inner bucks county. they say they are not guilty. they have change their plea. making this new plea yesterday now the case will go to trial. prosecutors charged cost me dinardo and his cousin sean kratz with multiple counts of murder, now previously dinardo agreed to the killings, and had made a deal with the d.a. and d.a. was not going to use the death penalty but now it is all back in play because he is saying he is not guilty. the family of one of the victims say the death penalty
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was not harsh enough. >> i feel like the death penalty is too good for him. would i like to see him spend long time in prison with no hope of getting out. >> district attorney had originally said that he would have kept his prom toys not seek the death penalty if dinardo had held up his end of the meal deal but it all changed because his plea changed. if you have a question about that our attorney will be in 20 minutes or so. 7:08. this is is so disturbing. we are finding offensive flyers in our community. this time at temple. >> now officials are trying to figure out who wrote them, who left them, jenny's on the story in north philadelphia. >> good morning, mike and karen. we have 30,000 students here at temple university and it only takes one to stain the reputation of this student body. it is unfortunate. we know this is not representative of the temple university campus community but take a look, these flyers, they were posted at several spots, on campus, and we had
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it blurred, it uses n word and read bernie would have won if it wasn't for you, seriously, expletive, all of thinks your fault. so, the university tweeted that it was hosting a student discussion last night in light of the hateful racist, flyers, the schools institutional diversity office, also had less to say saying this type of racist is not acceptable in our community and office committed to advocating for students, staff and the north philadelphia community to eradicate systems of oppression at this point, police are looking for the person or people involved with these fliers. if you have any information call temple university campus police. mike and karen. >> okay. let's find this person. 7:09. authorities are looking for a man they say tried to firebomb galloway township police headquarters. watch it happened here. this is tuesday. police say a man tried to light a molotov cocktail and throw throughout door. dit shatter the lobby door,
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however, it did not ignite. nobody got hurt. >> could this be the end of the internet as we know it. it is pretty darn important. >> fcc voted to overturn obama era regulations on net neutrality. >> this means everybody gets equal treatment and now it will be big guns like david verse goliath, they will get all of the attention and your small little business will be left out. >> okay thomas, it is up to you to explain what net neutrality is, we tried. >> battle of the three-two vote means the internet no loaning equal opportunity here decision gives internet services providers like verizon, at&t a free hand to slow or black websites and app s that they don't like or have any business interest with. it can charge more for faster speed. the move represents a lad california departure for more than a decade of federal oversight. >> many small businesses, have been blaming this thinking that they will be forced to pay more, to continue to do
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business on line. others have been told that free speech and civil rights are on the line. it is simply isn't true. >> it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy. >> so multiple states now threatening to sue and democratic lawmakers are already planning to fight, the new regulations here, some arguing look it is not about the big guy, big guys have been fighting for this but net neutrality, mike, karen, it is crucial for small businesses for start ups, entrepreneurs who rely on the open internet to launch their businesses and create markets. >> what i, of course, very selfish when i want to watch my netflix and my different shows is that going to slow down. >> it will not slow down some of the biggest businesses and companies that have a interest in want you to watch the shows at a faster pace. it basically the smaller companies who are trying to get in the marketplace and then the bigger co as i mention they don't have an
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interest in those smaller businesses, so, people are saying look, it interferes with free speechy don't like the smell of this thanks, thomas we will be paying more. it will all go up. find out how to make us pay more. >> okay. >> 7:12. listen to this... >> don't worry bit little marco, don't worry bit, little marco. >> well, we edited that in a weird way, little marco, a huge problem for president trump, little marco huge problem. after all of the wheeling and dealing republicans are trying to get ready to unveil details of their $1.5 trillion tax cut plan and it looks like they will do to it day but they had a photo op, and. >> little marco is creating this problem because he says there is something very important that he wants to get into this. he has been pushing to make a better tax credit for families he wants a $2,000 child tax credit, refundable but when
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all negotiation where is done republicans settled on $1,100? is that good enough? that is deal we have right now he said this could be a break er. >> unless they can figure out how to add to the 1100 figure, i won't support the bill. >> it goodies that some of the debate now is about enhancing a child tax credit, our side would actually go a lot higher then senator rubio but good he is making the effort. >> wow. >> how about that. >> he is flexing his muscles because he knows every single vote counts right now, so they have a two vote cushion but we have got two senators, health problems, right new we are dealing w we have mississippi 's cochran and john mccain is in the hospital. i think they have six people that called could be on the fence in this one. interesting to go see. >> exactly. >> on the right side of your screen there is a stack of papers representing all of the government regulations as of yesterday. on the left, the level of
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regulations, in the 1960's. that is where president trump says the government need to be back in the day. so, thanks to his executive order, the two for one de regulation rule was signed when he first took office, you know that for everyone regulation introduced, two must be cut or eliminated. it is a good visual. we will see what happens. there is a new cow down the street, at the nativity scented unite methodist church at fourth and race. >> let's introduce you there she is, hi ginger good morning so cute. so, yesterday we had, quite a problem when her predecessor, who is still with us on this planet, stormy, decided to fire storm, the exit there and get out and go on the lamb. >> go on the lamb, i get that joke. made her way to i-95 yesterday morning, officers, caught up with her, at 95 and callowhill
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>> i love that. >> yes. >> but about an hour after that, they got her back in the fence and escaped again. walked down fourth street to the parking garage at windham hotel in olde city. caught up again with her and then they escorted her back to the pen at fourth and race and then she tried to bust out again and they said enough, it is enough, bring in ginger, stormy, is back on the farm. >> lets check our forecast, scott, big deal, we will have some snow. not so much but the timing this could be a heck of a ride home for people. >> you nailed it, moving in later this afternoon and this evening, a lot of activities taking place, ugly sweater parties, perhaps, holiday shopping, on this friday afternoon and evening and we are dealing with snow. winter weather advisory kick in at one. cold enough for snow. look at the temperatures tan nersville 14 degrees, bucks county, in the teens right now , quakertown, 13, doyletown
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14 as we move toward places like newtown square, 20 degrees, bala cynwyd checking in at 21. well, move into south jersey medford 19 degrees, west deptford 23. vineland 24 degrees. brigantine we have got you covered, 23 degrees and what about delaware, hockessin 18 degrees right now, dover checking in at 24. cloud, thicken. and then snow blossoms later on this afternoon, one or 2:00 y we will stick pretty instantly because of the cold temperatures, how extra travel time for that afternoon and evening commute, out of here by eight or 9:00. another round of snow reduced visibilities, one to 2 inches locally amounts as high as 3 inches, before all is said and done. seven day forecast shows temperatures in the lower 40's for the weekend and lower 50's , bob kelly by early next week. >> you got it. 7:16. good morning everybody. we have a jammo for shader,
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maple shade new jersey jammed up south on route 73 leaving maple shade heading down toward i295 and an accident right at that merge. that is a tough spot. we have got folks coming from different on and off ramps here. south 73 backed up in to 295 north, north 295 we have any toward route 561, gang heading up northbound into cherry hill because of an early morning accident. tacony palmyra going up any minute, three minutes before we blow whistle and shut her down, betsy ross would be best bet we have a freighter on the move, trenton regional rail, 101 trolley both running with delays and watch for slippery platforms, parking lots and steps and here what he go northeast philadelphia, here's a live look at torresdale avenue an example of the chunky ice, the guys, didn't shovel yesterday, so anything that was left overnight was all iced over and, even little won will get through chunky ice to get on the school bus these morning, mike and karen, back over to you.
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who is nate sudfield? >> i don't know. >> who? >> who is nate sudfield. >> dawn teach me everything i need to know. >> new manager here. >> nate sudfield invented sudafed did you know that? i'm kidding. i made need sudafed to watch the game sunday. nate sudfield is backup to the backup quarterback, okay. >> okay he is now behind nick foles. nate was promoted from the eagles practice squad earlier this season. he is ready to go in his number is called verse giants on sunday right here on fox. what? nate, ahh, you are going outside, hugging people, by the bus stop, going to the bus stop. i love it. >> you are not supposed to say the word giants. >> there goes mikey, there goes mikey, out the door. >> you just said it. >> you said through go, out the door. >> you just said. >> i'm not going out there.
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>> can we finish this story. >> bye mike. >> we will take turns, you go. >> you are going to, you said it. you can go out later. >> thank you. >> so anyway we will get to know more about this guy. listen to this... >> feeling loopy after anesthesia. we were talking. just ordering a burger. talking about who knows what he is trying to figure out some of our new plays we put n i saw in the e-mails i said, are you sure you want to know right now. it was pretty funny. >> so we signed him off the redskins practice squad, this off season, so we have to learn where he is from and where he played college and all that kind of stuff. mike's heading outside and we will come back with him hugging people getting all cold people on the bus stop maybe go for a ride. also, as he goes out there
7:20 am
some good news, and they goes, is that him right there oh, lord. lets see him hug someone. >> hi, hi, how are you doing. i said the bad word. i said a bad word, can i hug you. >> yes. >> i said a bad word a pol guys to you and the city of philadelphia, what are you waiting on the 57. well good luck with that. >> okay. >> do you want a hug too. >> good morning, good morning. do you want a self. >> you know, i don't have all day. >> that is me you have a picture of me. >> yes, with the dress in the skirt. >> i see thaty remember that picture. i remember. >> get back in here mike. >> you come back in. >> w will come right back with how you can have free shipping on this day, and more good day. hi. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help.
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i have a wonderful hanukkah and christmas present for you, today mike. >> taking me to allentowny will get you some snow to make you more in the holiday season , spirit, more white setting for us but may mess up our commute. heck of a time. >> about 1:00 until 9:00 tonight. amazon trying to make last minute shopping easier for you , today, the company is expanding its free, same day delivery, and, it is part of the new 24 here on fox. starring people like mike jer rick who do their christmas shopping december 24th. they are going to do this for all of house shop on the very last day the 24th of december. same day deliver any a way, what i'm hearing is if you order something on amazon, let's say, christmas eve, it could still show up christmas day, at its destination.
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does that sound fantastic. >> it sound better because they do same day shipping and they come christmas eve. order somethig in the morning and it will be knocking on your door arriving in the afternoon. >> really. >> i have had this happen and they will do this on christmas eve. >> christmas eve. >> you know what i'm seeing these other trucks, what is this moving truck doing in my neighborhood. >> u-hauls. >> they loaded them up to get these extra trucks to get them to the door. >> they don't have enough trucks. >> they have been doing that last couple years. >> today is the day if you want free shipping, get this, if you are going to ship something out do it before midnight, nearly 900 retailers including amazon, target, best buy, toys are are are participating in free shipping today. >> just been big retailer you can think of. they have bumped number up it keeping gross. more than a thousand. no minimums, that is hang up, i don't want to spend $50. no minimums. they guarantee it by christmas eve. your shipping is free.
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that is very nice. >> today. >> today. >> okay. >> hey jen, let's go, pep rally, eagles/giants. >> yes, he is going out, going out. >> one, two, three, we are at academy park in sharon hill, with some of my favorite, yeah , that is what i'm talking about. no matter how you holiday, where you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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can i give you a hug. >> can i give you a hug. >> yes. >> thank you for watching. >> thank you. >> look at this. >> eagles. >> he said he watches every morning. we apologize. >> who are the eagles playing this week. >> the giants. >> you are already out there so that don't help. >> you are here, your busies here. fifty-seven. have a good day. a pol guys to the city for saying the bad word. >> it is cross while it is green. >> it feels like snow, because it is going to snow, is that right, scott. >> it definitely is, good morning, mike and karen and we certainly get there. that was awesome outside of our studios, cloudy, cold,
7:30 am
look at buddy waiting for the bus, and look at how bus stop buddy's dressed that ugly sweater. it is national ugly sweater day. temperatures in the teens and 20's so bundle up, it is dry for now but later this afternoon we have winter weather advisory that kick in at 1:00 philadelphia county, delaware county in to south jersey into delaware, so making for a tricky afternoon and evening commute. look at the temperatures right now to the teens, north and west, 16 in pottstown, 5 degrees currently in mount pocono, lower 20's as you move into sections of delaware and south jersey. mostly cloudy skies, that snow starts to develop and blossom across the area later on this afternoon, two or 3:00 we are looking at flakes flying across the area, moving into delaware, looking into sections of south jersey and then by dinner hour it starts to advance and push out of here. but not before reducing visability causing for slick roadways and dumping one to 2
7:31 am
inches, locally, 3 inches of snow, good morning, bob. >> hey, scottie 7:31. definitely cold out there and here comes love boat getting ready right here, tacony palmyra bridge. speaking of love boat, there we go. >> love bloat. >> come on. >> tacony palmyra in the middle of the opening here this freighter is heading north in the background, right there, betsy ross in the background your best bet, either pop another pop tart in the toast error head for the betsy ross bridge crossing the river this morning. north on 295 an accident approaching route 70, 541, causing delays from 561 up to the scene. for the gang for the shader, maple shade, south on 73 jammo in toward 295 because of an earlier accident near fellowship road. accident east on the pennsylvania turnpike getting told this involves a tractor trailer and a couple of cars,
7:32 am
it is eastbound, east of willow grove so watch for delays starting to pop. we have minor delays on mass transit regional rails and 101 trolley and anything left over from yesterday is frozen solid this morning, mike and karen back to you. two cousins charged in the july death of four people found buried in a solebury township farm, pleaded not guilty, to murder and abuse of a corpse. cosmo dinardo was loaded into a prison vehicle and then taken to the bucks county court, to answer to murder charges. the death penalty is new back on the table, filling the courtroom yesterday were families of the four victims, the father of mark surgeons, one of the men dinardo is accused of slaughtering in his father's bucks county corn field. >> i feel like the death penalty ties good for him. would i like to see him spend a very long time in prison with no hope of getting out. >> also in court dinardo's cousin sean kratz accused in
7:33 am
three of the murders, kratz pleaded not guilty and they may also face the death penalty, dinardo has admitted to the killings but must stick to his story, up to his trial date or the d.a. says he will seek the ultimate penalty. >> so this was refers on this one. we will have chaka johnson joining us right now. good morning. >> good to see you, mike. >> pleasure. >> i thought they had a deal. >> they do. >> they absolutely do. >> why would they both say not guilty. >> this is a, that is a very good question. they said they did it. >> absolutely very good question because lay people often wonder how could you give a confession and turnaround and straight face say not guilty, at arraignment >> how can do you that. >> i will tell you how. this is all a matter of due process. what the prosecutor has to do is what mr. weintraub did is let them know death penalty, commonwealth will seek death
7:34 am
penalty should you go through trial and lose, they will be asking for death, okay. so as a matter of course the defendant has to plead something. you cannot plead guilty at an arraignment but deal has been worked out, where at a later date the trial date or sometime there between arraignment and trial parties will get together and negotiate the terms of what your sentence will actually be >> so had we been attorneys and knew what we were talking about this would not have been a head line, it is not shocking at all. he cannot plead guilty. >> lets be clear it is shocking to the conscious. >> you cannot plead not guilty >> you cannot plead guilty at the arraignment. it is shocking to the conscious of most people watching, these headlines, so many sentless deaths, so many families affected and to have someone confess, two people confess and then give painstaking detail about the gruesome nair of how they went bit and then to say not guilty
7:35 am
, it is head line worthy so people wander so what will happen at the trial? >> there should not be one. >> there won't be one. >> if there is one everyone is on notice and that is keyword in terms of the law and due process everyone is on notice, the prosecution will be seeking the death penalty upon a guilty verdict, and how could you not get a guilty verdict when you have confessed. >> so the deal still holds he will not be put to death. >> that is correct and he was very explicit, mr. weintraub was very explicit bucks county is net tore just for up holding their sign have the bargain. >> weintraub is the prosecutor >> prosecutors for bucks county, that is correct. >> let me be clear that is also for mr. dinardo, sean kratz on the other hand that has not, that arrangement has in the been put together with his attorney he didn't make that same deal. >> that is correct. >> that cosmo did. >> that is correct. >> i can assure thaw has everything to do with the fact that mr. cosmo, led the
7:36 am
authorities to the one additional body that they could not find. they work that out based on he had a bargaining chip that mr. . >> do they know which one did the killings. >> by all means. >> dinardo but mr. kratz at the outset, admitted some culpability but really put everything on his cousin, cosmo dinardo. >> could he get the death penalty. >> yes. >> he didn't get the death penalty. >> when was last time we put somebody to death in pennsylvania. >> when is last time we had basically a mass serial killers like this who confessed. this is unique circumstances. >> yeah, yeah. >> thanks, chaka have a wonderful weekend. >> that is a nice transition to my nice weekend but i appreciate you and you as well >> we appreciate you. >> thank you. >> a eight year-old boy, may have endured hundreds of unnecessary doctor visits and 12 surgeries because of that woman you just saw, doctors say his mother made up his illness toes get attention for
7:37 am
herself, they blame mental illness, so what is it? what disease does she have. what are the warning signs we will talk to a doctor who deals with
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
well, this weekend is important for the eagles and the one high school, in delaware county, is ready to cheer them on, not just the one but the one we chose. >> academy park in sharon hill is what we're talking about, hi there, jen. >> good morning, night nation says that the they are supporting the eagles nation am i correct with that. >> yeah. >> okay, all right. >> we have some guys, come on out here, so you are the main quarterback for this team, yes >> yes. >> come on out. come on out. >> you are the backup quarterback for this team. >> yes. >> now, if he were to go down and you look healthy, you would, you would be me, look you and i we're the same person. would you be prepared to lead this team. >> yes. >> yes.
7:41 am
>> do you think he would be ready. >> i think he would be ready. >> would you be able to give him some help and pointers. >> i can give him good advice. >> do you think he would be ready if the big guy went down >> yeah. >> what do you think about this eagles team, right? they look good. >> they are already. >> you have a big smile on your face. >> i told you, i'm number nine you are number eight. ladies, big weekend for eagles we have the eagles cheerleaders here. if one of your guys went down you would have to cheer for them no matter what, right. >> yes. >> would you be ready to rally around. >> yes. >> guys, i know you will be here this weekend but i'm sure you're thinking about the big guy. >> 100 percent. >> do you think they are ready >> more than definitely. >> i think we should play a song. if we have a pep rally we will need our song, are you ready. i don't want to have to get ready, i want to you stay ready, ready, here we go.
7:42 am
>> ♪ >> we will be here all morning long, yes nile nation is supported, eagles nation, look at that. >> ♪ >> boy, they are fired up. i love this school. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> yes. what time is the game? this weekend on sunday. >> but it is on fox, right. >> sit 1:00 o'clock game where is the game going to be held. >> you are not getting me to get outside, just try to get me to say it. >> no, it it is called meadow land but it used to be called, the what. it is mev life stadium it is
7:43 am
called meadow land. >> it used to be called. i'm not saying it. you got me outside once it is not happening again. if we say name of the opposing team we are supposed to go outside and apologize, a green giant. >> you did it to yourself. you did it toe >> why are they green and not blue like the big blue. >> eagles green. >> i can tell. >> get out. >> that guy in it or range he wants a hug from karen hepp. >> wow. >> i hate you. >> alex, come back, please, come back from germany. >> can't take it. >> come back from germany. >> so anyway is g. cobb here or just matt lombardi. i see g. we will break down three things eagles need to do
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mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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can i give you a hug, it is awkward but i said the word giant. hi, everybody. >> it is freezing. how cold do you think it is outside. >> twenty's, or 30's it is so cold. lets check weather and traffic first, hi bob. >> she said 20, 30, 7:47, good morning tacony palmyra almost ready to open up again we have
7:47 am
to get back to normal after a freighter north bound. we are backed up, on both side coming into downtown philadelphia. downtown philadelphia. scared the heck out of me. >> just to clarify, when she apologize she said it again so she need to stay out there another time. >> she's coming back in, around. >> she said it again, and she apologized. >> but she's on her way back. >> can you stop her. >> send her back. >> go take care of that. >> 7:47. we will spring her back out and send her back out north on 295 an accident at 561, septa says expect delays on the regional rails this morning and be ready for the afternoon rush hour more snow on the way but we had snow on the ground in hatfield, very kelly christmas on kimberly way in hatfield. check out lights for this family. they have been doing it for 20
7:48 am
years. they have upped and moved to oklahoma for his job. they took christmas lights with him. we welcome them back. it took an entire tractor trail tore load up christmas lights, it is a must see spot on your christmas light tour with the kid this coming weekend, details on my facebook page bob kelly fox 29 , send us your pictures using that #and come to your house one night next week. i said snow, snow on the way, scottie on the way in 15. it is cold, of course, karen hepp is still out there giving hugs to folks and waving, temperatures in the teens and 20's. look at that she doesn't even have a jacket on, 15 in doyletown, we are looking at 20 degrees in chad forward,
7:49 am
and 18 in pottstown. so it is dry, quiet but snow is on the way, 21 in hammington, 23 degrees in brigantine as we get hour by hour we have cloud cover out there right now but snow will blossom across the area, making for some tricky travel on this friday afternoon, and evening a lot of folks doing holiday shopping and just be mindful of that, so locally as much as 3 inches of snow before all is said and done, back over to you. >> let's talk eagles, they have a big game as karen knows begins the new york team, up there in the meadow land. >> come on back. >> okay. >> boy that was quick. >> let's talk eagles and the team up there in new jersey. we have g. cobb in. we have matt lombard owe. i want to you tell me first of all what do you think of nick foles because i have not seen you guys since carson wentz went down. welcome to the show. matt, lets start with you. confidence revel. >> are we talk forgo sunday or
7:50 am
big picture because they are two very different levels. >> one at a time, sunday this is a very winnable game regardless of hoist at quarterback. it is not easy, not a blow out long term that is a different store which nick foles in for carson wentz. >> i definitely think they can win on sunday. need to play within himself. big thing he doesn't need to get out trying to create plays and extend plays like carson did. he need to play within himself , throw the pass if the guy opened. if not there throw the ball away. >> between the two teams, g, who is the war team. >> between the two teams. >> it is clear, it is new york >> there is not a lot of fight there, not a lot of offensive fire power. still a divisional game and new york will get up for this one. if you are expecting eagles owe even if to still be able to convert on third down and still that escapability at quarterback that will not happen. they have to run the ball with jay ajayi, play solid defense
7:51 am
and stop the run and limiting ingram, rookie tightened because he is eli manning's favorite target. do you those things, run ball effectively you should get a win which will lock up a first round bye. >> which team is two-nine. >> that within new york. >> you will in the trip me up man it is cold out there. >> so zach's back. >> that is right. >> zach ertz. >> he is key, because we have him working the middle of the field. those are easiest throws. you will see them getting ball to the tight ends work it to zach ertz and see tray burton working in there because they see what a talent he is and nelson agholor. they all work in the middle of the feel. outside i don't know how quick nelson will go to alshon jeffery, torey smith and work inside. >> the blueprint has to be what the rams did with todd girlly run the ball to set up the pass, they throw the ball out of the backfield. you have to run the ball, set
7:52 am
up pass. in the run pass options where quarterback shoves the ball in the belly and takes off. you have to run the ball set up play action later in the game. low scoring owe even if, dominant defense that is form lah for that team without carson. >> does it come down to a kick >> not week. >> i think they will win this comfortably. giants... >> boom. >> see you. >> see you. >> get hugging, yes. >> plus you have to wait until somebody shows up at the bus stop with no coat. >> with no coat. >> what? >> owe kay. >> let's make karen go back out there. >> um-hmm, um-hmm. >> win or lose, they will lose , do we make it to the super bowl, matt. >> no. >> g. >> yes. >> okay. >> 50/50. >> jen believes, jen believes that we will go, jen believes that we will go.
7:53 am
>> i believe we will get, i believe that we will go. good morning everybody in delaware county. let's hear it for sharon hill academy park high spread some cheer
7:54 am
with a dozen dunkin' donuts for $6.99. 12 tasty treats with with holiday flavors sprinkled in. grab a dozen holiday donuts or any classic donuts for $6.99 and make some merry out there. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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7:56 am
so gary's waiting inside until someone shows up outside the bus stop to give them a hug we have to talk about this next story. i have been covering this mental illness for years and years and now we have a brand new case of it. i thought we may have settled this but not. >> an eight year-old boy living in dallas may have endured more than 300 unnecessary doctor visit and 12 surgeries on his little body. they say his mom faked his illnesses as a tiny baby. we have seen this over and over again when we have this. mom's name is caylee bowens,
7:57 am
charged with injury to a child she has a mental disorder made up of illness toes get attention for herself. she said her child was sick. so we brought in an expert to talk about this problem. >> doctor jena delozi, where are you from what facility. >> i have a practice in ardmore called center for hope and health. >> okay. you know what munch housing by proxy is. >> yesy heard bit but explain what this is, and is it a mental illness of the mother. >> it is munchhowsing by proxy is a dated term, it is now called fictitious disorder imposed on another, and you can have fictitious disorder imposed on yourself as well. essentially what it is, it is a false case of either medical symptoms or psychological symptoms. >> but what happens is they have very real procedures
7:58 am
because the mom giving miss fur to the doctors and then they are getting pick lines and all these different things that can lead to real infections. >> of course. >> and death and near death in cases. >> it can will be serious. in most case is it is considered a form of child abuse and treatment would usually involve some type of, some type of child protective services, child removed from the home. other times if they can guarantee there is another adult in the home that the child can be safe with. they don't always to have remove them. >> does this start when the child is fire born and they start telling friend and family, oh, my child is so sick, to get sympathy for them self and attention on themselves. is it normally the mom or the dad. >> statistically yes. >> it is mom. >> it can happen from when the child's born. that can or could not. but, statistically it is more common in biological mothers. >> i don't get this. let's say well, why wouldn't
7:59 am
the doctors realize well, there is nothing wrong. why are we go to go surgery 12 times if there is nothing wrong. >> that is a great question and, you know, other mental health professionals have wandered that question as well i will mention though in extreme cases of fictitious disorder also known as munch housing by proxy that individual who have it could falsify lb results. >> poison their children. >> yes, injections. >> tamper with urine sample so they can change the results of how they are appearing to make it appear that symptoms are actual there i. >> i do remember that, that one mother, years ago, was putting, poison in the child's soup. and slowly the kid got sick so she could get attention. >> sometimes they will think their child has leukemia your poor child, doing fundraisers, getting monday up and attention. >> yes, that is the main thing
8:00 am
that i want people to necessity it is not for any kind of machine try gain, in fact that is different game. it is if someone is making an illness to get a monetary gain or disability. this really is for the sick role to get empathy and sympathy from others when it is with a mother, it is often to be looked at how dedicated a mother or parent you are. often to form a really close relationship with the health care provider, and usually they do have a great relationship with the heath care provider. they maintain a lot of contact it is important to necessity that the gains individual are getting are not these outward monetay external games. >> such a disturbing case, it is upset to go hear details. >> the kids suffering for no reason. >> thanks for having me. >> lets do another hour, here we go.
8:01 am
buckle up everybody, more snow business to fall in our area at a very bad time while you are trying to get home from work and school. everybody need to take it slow inspired to help others. >> you are not alone. >> eleven weeks old holden suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> financially it can be overwhelming. emotionally at times it is unbearable. >> reporter: his parents are giving back to the community that helped lift them up. sean wayan is here in our studio. >> fbi you are under arrest. >> are you going to run. >> yeah. >> or you can catch him on stage this weekend. >> sketch hart not holding back. >> i love my wife. my wife know my heart. you know who your man is and you know what i stand for. >> from the cheating scandal, his kid, his ex-wife our philly funny man tells it all. >> g. cobb's out there right
8:02 am
now. >> give me a hug on the air. >> they have got the camera do you mind giving me a hug. >> your boyfriend i dent want to get in trouble. hands up here. >> so how are you doing today. >> i really appreciate it, some of the people giving me funny look.nks a lot. appreciate. >> is what up, man. >> how are you feeling. >> all is well. >> i for got to ask you what the final score sunday will be >> i say 28-13. >> who loses. >> you know who is going to lose. >> no, i don't. >> no, the g int s. >> okay. >> by the way, it is national ugly sweater day. i predicted this i say ugly sweater phenomenon jumped the
8:03 am
shark. we have in the received one picture of an ugly sweat inner two hours. >> are you serious. >> i got to get out. >> we have asked at 6:00 i have not gotten one ugly sweater. that is bob kelly. >> yes. >> do you like that. >> he has majority left in the delaware valley in his closet. we will do it at 9:00. i have found an unusual ugly sweater that is built for two or three. >> oh, wow. >> it is a little bit like that. >> sweater weather, it is cold enough we have some snow. >> we do bus stop buddy is dressed with the ugly sweater party later on see that ugly sweater on buddy. bundled up from head to toe. temperatures in the teens and 20's to start, karen knows how cold it is, she was out there with no jacket on, karen. 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. we have winter weather advisory posted for snow moving in later this
8:04 am
afternoon. folks going to parties, holiday shopping, worst of the timing. we have 15. allentown, mid 20 ease. watch the clock and watch that snow blossom over at year later this afternoon coating the road quickly. one to 2 inches, locally higher amounts and still looking at the flakes south and east by the dinner hour before things wrap up around eight or 9:00, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. as we get ready curb check a live look at 422 coming around the curb, anything left over from yesterday is iced over this morning and that second round or i should say another round of snow coming for the afternoon rush hour. tacony palmyra traffic starting to move again after an earlier opening but definitely slow go as they have allowed folks to move across the span north on 295 an accident this morning contusion a back autopsy approaching route 70. septa says expect delays through morning on the regional rails but mainly,
8:05 am
walking out to the platforms and be prepared for this afternoon's maybe early exit once that snow starts to fall around 1:00, folks will see it outside office windows and want to get out of there. live look torresdale avenue in northeast philadelphia an example of the chunky ice on the sidewalk here be careful because again if it looks wet it is iced over and live look at the boulevard no problems here down to the schuylkill expressway, mike and karen back over to you. we have a couple hours away if you send your kid to penn state university, they want, and they want to join the university and it is long way grand jury report about hazing and compose i have alcohol consumption by fraternities at penn state university, it is expected to be released in 90 minutes to two hours. center county, and, and, this morning, grand jury started looking at, broader safety
8:06 am
issues, with fraternities at state college about 10 months ago, you know what happened then. it was a death of timothy piazza. and police officers, in the hospital, right now after this crash that happened in the olney section of the, and, officer collided, and that intersection is ogontz and west olney. white car was the officer's unmarked patrol car. it had side air bags that is there protecting me. and, they both have minor injuries. we don't know what led to the crash. students are on a alert this morning trying to find out what creep left these flyers, they found around campus at temple. flyers are so offensive. you cannot she it to you. in a statement university says this type of racist language is not acceptable in their community. they are hosting programs for people to talk about their concerns. temple police, of course are
8:07 am
investigating. if you know who did it tell temple cops. sky fox over cosmo dinardo , one of the two cousins accused of killing and burying four men in a farm in bucks county this summer. remember it was horrible. so they pleaded at this arraignment yesterday not guilty so now case will move forward. is there the other co accomplice on this one, his cousin, sean kratz, they are facing multiple counts of murder, and dinardo had previously admitted to the killings giving detailed confession to keep the district attorney from seeking the death penalty. d.a. says he will keep his promise do not seek the death penalty if dinardo holds up his end of the plea deal and eventually does, plead guilty. sexual harassment and assault allegations continue to sky rocket through hollywood and across the country. moralgation from his overnight , are you red i here we go. >> every single night there seems like more people coming
8:08 am
forward. >> that is right. >> it is harvey weinstein, kevin spacey, james jovac and more. lets get to thomas to explain the latest headlines. >> another week another list, lets start with russell simmons. we know nypd is opening you a sexual assault investigation. ninety men charged him with sexual harassment and assault and incidents alleged to have taken place over a couple decade here. four of those women accuse simmons of rape. we know yesterday simmons posted a photo on his instagram account showing the word #not me writing question today i begin to properly defend myself. i will prove without any doubt that i'm innocent of the rape charges. got to talk about dustin hoffman facing new allegation this is morning of sexual misconduct, five women stepped forward with accusations, one of them said the actor exposed himself to her in a new york hotel when she was just 16 years old. two other women say they were sexually assaulted by half man while they were shooting 1987
8:09 am
movie ishtar. a lawyer speaking out calling the claims defamatory false hood. we are learning of a relationship former nbc news anchor matt lauer had with a production assistant in the sum are of 2,000, abby cullens a temple graduate told variety magazine that the relationship was consensual but added that she ultimately felt like a victim because of that power dynamic. lauer has not commented on the claims this morning. we know production houses, studios are doubling up on their legal team to get ahead of moralgation is that is for sure. >> thank you. may the force be with you, this friday, oh, is there a whole section in the paper. i got such a mess up here. star wars weekend the paper says. >> perfect weekend. >> this new character you will fall in love, little creatures are amazing. >> lamb store it looks like. that remind me of a ewok hamster. >> adorable.
8:10 am
>> sit worth the hype. >> kevin mccarthey our movie critic saw it and we will not spoil to it day, he will just give you how many stars. he based his reviews on five stars. i'm smelling five. >> we will see. >> i loved it. we will see what he had to say jenny's out there helping, holden's heroes. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, good morning, guys we will tell but holden's heroes but that is why we have, thousands of toys filling this garage here in marlton, all of these toys will be going to children at chop, and we will tell you why coming u
8:11 am
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good morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound some delays coming into philly. in the bad on the westbound side but anything that looks wet, hovering at 24 degrees could be icy. we have another round of mother nature hitting us later this afternoon. northbound 202 an accident just past route 401 heading up through malvern, septa says delays on 101, 102 trolley, couple regional rails are running with just scattered delays but look out for
8:14 am
slippery platforms, parking lots and then septa says be ready for an early rush, once flakes start to hit later this afternoon, folks will start closing up computer and say i'm out of here it is a friday last night we had snow on the ground in hatfield. it made for a very kelly christmas on the front lawn of 102 kimberly way. we pack the house, driveway because this guy had over 300,000 lights and some really , cool, old school, ornament on the front lawn from the choir to the ginger bread to the trees blinking to the beat of the radio station that you can listen to when you are driving by in the car. e facebook page, more pictures and chance for me to come to your house next week. all you have to do is post a picture to social media use that #and i can set up shop on your lawn next week. guess what is on the front lawn later today, no, not scott williams but snow, he
8:15 am
has details in 15. time 8:15 we have snow on saturday, snow yesterday morning and we will have some snow for your friday afternoon commute. winter weather advisory in purple kick in at 1:00 until 9:00 p.m. dry and cold on the parkway. that snow is moving in at a bad time for that afternoon and evening commute. ambler right now 17 degrees, doyletown 16. we have 20 in chad forward and look at pottstown, 17 degrees. sections of south jersey, voorhees 23, vineland 24. mid 20's right now in ocean city. mostly cloudy skies to start, by 12 or one that snow developing to the south and west of us and blossoms across
8:16 am
the region in the afternoon and evening. heavier snow likely into sections of south jersey and delaware. before all said and done we are looking at one to 2 inches locally as much as 3 inches of snow, before that system tapers off this evening, back to you. >> thank you. >> breaking news right new scott we have a date, folks, royal watchers we necessity what we will be doing coming up, let me check the date, may 19th, mark your calendar. >> save the date. >> watching in the middle of the night. it will be a royal wedding. we will have megan markle. >> yes. >> i would imagine it is. >> there we go, folks. >> may 19th. >> all right. thousands of toys are on the way to children's hospital this morning. >> we love this. this is work of the so many people. they have a fundraiser every yer spearheaded by haley and sam levin in honor of their cousin, holton. >> when our son was born it
8:17 am
was the proudest day of our lives. we hoped he would be funny, charming, kind. we hoped wow take care of us when we got older. and we helped one day he would start a family of his own. but when he was 11 weeks old our dreams were crushed by one cruel act. holton suffered a traumatic brain injury. now we just hope he knows who we are. traumatic brain injuries are leading cause of disability and death among u.s. child ren financially it can be over whelming. emotionally at times it is unbearable. yet mess families face this a loan. inspired by our own son's fight and therapeutic need we
8:18 am
founded holton's heroes. you are not alone. >> get those muscles to work. >> holton heroes is here to help. >> yeah, buddy. >> holton heroes are all about with the help of offer 50 schools and businesses and community members throughout the tri-state area their mission is to help make the load lighter for families who find themselves in this situation. >> lets bring in some holiday christmas,-contact miracles to so many familiar delays can use them. lets get out to jenny joyce with what you can do and what people are doing right now. >> isn't that story just so hard to listen to thankfully we have a positive aspect of the story to share. this is holton's aunt, this is lauren, your children here we have sam, haley, thousands of toys are filling your garage. all of these toys will go to children at chop. why? why are you doing this.
8:19 am
>> holton was hurt december 19th, he spent holidays in the hospital in ucla. while there it was during christmas, hanukkah time and a santa claus environment came in and gave our family some toys. we didn't know whether holton would make it through the night but it did give us a moment of just feeling like normal see. when i came back to the east coast we decided we would do the same thing for kid here on the east coast and also provide toys to families that have children in the hospital during the holidays. the last thing on their mine is shopping and they don't have time to shop for the kid that are in the hospital. so, it allows family to shop for free, at chop. >> really incredible. these are your neighbors, friends helping to load this bus. what does it do for you to be able to give back like this. >> amazing. just the support we have 50 leaks as cross the tri-state area schools, synagogues, churches, gyms, they all
8:20 am
donate. people air nation. amaze to go see business that is call and say a second box has been filled to grab another box. it has been incredible the support that we have. >> we think about holton when we watch that video. it is very difficult to hear watching your brother and your sister in law get through this talk about how holton's doing today and what the holiday will be like for him. >> reason we started holton's heroes is because holton was hurt by his nanny at 11 weeks old. he was born completely normal. three years old, now he has cerebral palsy, he is blind, eats with a feeding tube. all from a tbiv hard for these families to get insurance, things that they need on a day to day basis. holton heroes we help family just like holton. holidays are tough. he has in cognitive abilities. he doesn't know from a toy. he gives back to kid just like holton we sent out packages to all of our heroes, and just to
8:21 am
give them a little something for the holidays as well. >> lauren, sam, haley, you guys are doing a awesome job. >> thank you. >> doing a great job for holt on in his honor on the east coast out there. we will send it back to you. >> just, think about that child and that family and something we can all do. i will donate. >> that is for sure. >> 8:21. we will go from one jenny to a jen. >> we are still in delaware county, hello, sharon hill, come on ladies, lets show them what it looks like, academy park, they are ready, they feel it. bye, now, they believe, they
8:22 am
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mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
8:24 am
we've got a few, now i found this one and it is some what unique this year just to make it different. ugly sweater for two, right but i don't have anybody to be
8:25 am
in the nice side. >> i will be in it. >> i forgot it if i do it this way, so i will ask you, the viewer if you happen to be going through olde city and like to be on the nice side i will slip new and take a picture. >> nice person should be sitting here, arrow says nice is here, naughty says you are there. >> i'm are nice so i need somebody naughty to come by and get in the other side of this sweater and we will take a picture at fourth and market >> it is naughty. >> sometimes. >> talking about coming clean ing, having a pretty frank, candid conversation. >> yes, talk about topics, cheating, what happened with his wife and ex-wife. >> so here he is talking about it on his radio interview with the breakfast club. >> that is right. >> explaining, i don't know, this sounds like an excuse explanation. >> on h, karen he was supposed to be in barcelona but then
8:26 am
there was terror attack that happened. then his buddy decided to fly out to las vegas. we were supposed to go to spain and new we will go to vegas. now we know what happen. he ended up. so he talks about that. he really was bothered by what his ex-wife had to say. >> okay. >> but when people try to put the bleep on her karma, home wrecker, that is karma, like that almost got under my skin and i had to breathe for a minute that title, that title was put on her by my x. out of anger, out of whatever. you can go look up anything. >> he said over and over again that he loves his current wife >> that he cheated on and admits to. >> well, his current wife, yeah. >> yeah. >> geese, karen? truth hurts, sometimes. >> of course, they just had a child that would be his third
8:27 am
child. >> that is a wonderful child and that is a great thing. >> speaking of stand up comic one of the best in the business is kevin. one of the best is the next guest shawn wayans. >> look at how cool he is looking, no question. >> hey. >> he will be on stage in the philadelphia area this weekend starting tonight and maybe i can talk him in to sliding in the sweater with me. ttp://>[a5df]
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we need your help, south warwick red in summer dale new jersey we are having a toy drive for needy kid that will go on until 4:00 this afternoon. we would like to get a thousand toys, lets try get to
8:31 am
500 in the next, by 10:00 o'clock this morning. we will have a live camera. get in your car, drop it off, sterling high school, parking lot. 8:31. lets check the weather because we will have snow. >> that is right winter wet are advisory at 1:00 until 9:00 this evening. philadelphia, south ande, watching for that snow it is cold enough. look at the temperatures in the teens north and west, mid 20's moving through sections of delaware and south jersey, mostly cloudy, cold now but by one or two, look at that snow moving in blossoming across the area so reduced visability , slow travel on this friday afternoon and evening and we are looking at anywhere from one to 2 inches of snow, some locations could go as high as 3 inches, before all is said and done, back over to you. i will get you, sucker, scott williams. >> what. >> can you explain that one. >> flash in the past. >> but white chicks is a blast from the past.
8:32 am
>> et cetera le kick it old school. >> ♪ >> it seems like this is a pain in the butt to do because of all of the make up. >> yes that was really difficult for me to do but we had fun do it. >> would you do it again. >> would i do it again. >> is there word of doing it again. >> there is no word of doing it again. me and my brothers talk about it. >> do the fans, would they like to see another one. >> from what i have heard, i have heard a lot of positive stuff. >> welcome back. good to see you. >> hi, how are you, good to see you. >> it is ugly sweater day and i have one built for too. >> you had a ugly sweater brother somewhere, and he ditched it. >> yes. >> this sweater is too ugly for me. >> o one would get in it with me.
8:33 am
>> right away you are appearing tonight. >> at the punch line. >> punch line philly. >> punch line filly two shows tonight and two tomorrow night >> two tonight and two tomorrow. >> what can people people hear , how will you make us laugh. >> i will talk about a lot of craze stuff in my life, funny observations and in of the stuffy can do on the air without you losing your responsors. >> punch line i have been over there many times, it gets raw. >> it can be raw. >> leave the kid at home. >> leave the kid at home, don't bring the babies. >> do you advise, not sitting in the front row, do you use humans. >> you can, as long as you don't heck will and don't have you have feet in the stage. that is the two rules that comedians, that is pet peeves. >> will you call on them. >> if you have a ugly sweater on then i will say something but if you get there to have a good time and dress right and everything good you are straight you have nothing to
8:34 am
worry about. >> what is this don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood. >> that was, a parity of all of the hood films that me and my brothers wrote and starred in. that was my first movie menace to society. >> south central. >> south central. >> boys in the hood. >> boys in the hood. >> and then strapped. just a bunch of other movies. everything from that. >> and then juice. >> we get inferring that ge nr e. >> is what your favorite movie >> i -- they are like children i love them all. >> is there always a favorite. >> i don't have a favorite child, all my children i love them the same, they are all great and they all do different stuff. like don't be a menace that was my first i did, i love it for that reason. my friend where is in that movie, we had a blast doing it scary movie was biggest most
8:35 am
successful movie we did. >> really. >> white chicks was most creativity challenging. >> when did you star in live u >> that is a technical when we take a live shot. >> it is wigging out on us did we get cut off. >> for some reason we are not getting off that. >> oh, hold on a second, everybody while you are watching that we are having technical issues. >> should i keep talking so people can hear me talk. >> yes. >> there we go. >> we're back. >> if that would happen at punch line all lights get out, power goes out. >> i will still talky can make you laugh in the dark. >> i'm a pro. sometimes lightings out and put mike down and just talk, project. it has to be in a, it can be bigger than a 400 seat room but 400 seat. >> you project. >> my pipes can hand that will >> i had woman laugh at me in the dark. >> i'm not even going there
8:36 am
with you about that. >> what happens to the person who puts his feet on the stage what do you do that person. >> nothing, you talk about him because he shouldn't be putting his foot on the stage. >> what do you say. >> it depends on what his shoes look like, funny looking shoes you will say something about his shoes looking funny do you know if there is any tickets left. >> i have no idea. >> it is sold you the. >> sold out. >> look at you. >> are you sure, i don't even know. fit is not sold out check me out tonight and tomorrow. >> punch line philly. >> two shows tonight, two shows tomorrow, come on down. >> hang outside. >> ouch, man, you put 150 percent on that. >> gent. >> wow, you guys are tough. >> you better be tough because it better start snowing. >> aim from new york, i can handle it. i may get asche. >> give him some lotion.
8:37 am
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it looks like republicans are ready to unveil details of the $1.5 trillion tax cut plan president trump wants a vote this week. well, certainly before christmas but g.o.p. senator has thrown a last minute wrench into the works. i'm talking about marco rubio, chris wallace, i apologize for borrowing your sweater, this, it is ugly sweater day. you had left it here in the studio for a while. >> but i wear the nice side of the sweater, you're on the naughty side. >> is there a giant arrow pointing to your head that says naughty but we won't get into that. >> okay. >> doug jones, good get on your show on sunday. >> yeah, first time he will appear on fox during this entire campaign and post election and what we want to ask him he is man who won
8:41 am
special election in alabama and democrat defeating roy moore what we want to ask him what kind of democrat will he be. main stream democrat, pretty liberal, pretty opposing to almost every trump initiative or will he be moral bam a democrat which means somewhat more conservative and finding areas of possible a agreement, and on "fox news" sunday. >> maybe he will pull a richard shelby and change to a republican. >> i wand board that as well, shelby who was a senior senator, who i think really took a very brave stand when he announced he had not voted for roy moore, he had written in another name he was elected at one point as a democrat and then switched parties and became a republican. >> that is why i say, well, it has been 25 years. it really wasn't. he almost immediately became a republican.
8:42 am
what does he have to do with the tax plan? a lot of people are saying wait, lets get him in january into washington d.c. before we take this vote. >> the democrats are saying that the republicans are not. he may have nothing to do with the tax plan because the democrats are going, or rather the republicans will try to push it through and approve it this week long before he becomes a senator early next year but they have got some problems of their own, the republicans do, first of all marco rubio is talking about the possibility of a opposing the plan unless is there more money in it for child care tax credits and supposedly late last night they moved more in the direction of rubio, we will find out the final bill is unveiled today. then another issue, a very human issue and that involves two senators. they can only pass it it with one vote to spare the first time around but you have john
8:43 am
mccain and that had cochran two republican senators both in the hospital they have to get them physically on the floor to vote or they will not have the 51 votes they need. >> boy, interesting. >> we will watch sunday, thanks very much. >> take the sweater off. >> send it back. >> i will. >> he is nice. we found a school so fired up about the eagles they are having a pep rally in the for themselves but for eagles and jen's there. >> it is football players verse cheerleaders who is the better. >> that is all right. >> let's go. what do you have, go, go, go. >> here we go in delaware county this morning
8:44 am
michael: i'm thankful that
8:45 am
i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
8:46 am
if anybody comes by and take a picture in my double ugly, i need somebody to be, a
8:47 am
naughty. >> and,. >> yes. >> what? >> jen fred. >> what is she talking about. >> well, she's talking about the big game this weekend. >> is what the game. >> you will try to get me. i'm not falling for it this time. >> hi, jen. >> hey, guys, yeah everyone is very excited. we are anticipating a win, my guy nick fels ready to go, so is nate sudfield. we did talk to him. he said this quarterback crew is ready because they have been so tight, at one point they kicked offensive coordinate out out of the quarterback's office. >> we always joke our quarterback roomies, because we have our own little it used to be closet. now quarterback room. it is just our center of juice so whenever frank comes in the morning and talking about some protection or plays coming in we make sure he comes in with a lot of juice. where is the juice. he will raise his voice and it will get pretty funny.
8:48 am
>> so yah, they know, they are a tight team. >> good morning guys you guys are representing the core of this school. you are representing high q, right. >> correct. >> future scholars. >> yep. >> and robotics team. >> that is correct. >> you are famous on good day because you beat sue serio during high q. >> that is correct. >> when you hear this quarterback team is like a unit, it is how you guys are, within the school you guys are all together, right. >> yes, correct. >> what do you want people to necessity about the academic part of academy park. >> well, comradery we share is definitely something that helps us succeed in competitions of high q for instance we just got second place in our most recent match , very tight match but i believe that we got there because of our teamwork and our desire to win. >> i have a question for u.s. it harder to do high q or harder to be on the field as
8:49 am
an eagles quarterback. >> it is harder to do high q. >> why? >> if you are a quarterback don't to have speak in front of people but high q your first impression is how you speak. >> no distorn carson wentz you got it way harder. >> well, you know, as for us we help each other, we're on the stage, we know, you know, we give each other tips on how to speak and present ourselves we use teamwork aspect of it, as dot eagles do and quarterbacks. >> so this is one of my favorite members you do it all , part of these clubs, flipping, awesome, thank you very much. >> thank you we're in the leaving. we're still here. by the way on monday say hi to everyone. these are all my buddies. i will be in lansdale, starting at 4:00 a.m., i want all of you guys to join me four to 10:00 a.m., we have to show them what lansdale looks
8:50 am
like, this ladies and gentlemen is what sharon hill looks like. >> and that is amazing, awesome job they are so great, thank you, i love that. >> what a celebration. 8:50. we are celebrating ugly sweater day. some kenning in your pictures. we got this from christie. look at the light up in triple s. annual christmas shopping with mom and sister. way to go, ladies, more when we come right back. talking will smith... blast from the past fresh prince of bellaire why he is channeling pennsylvania and it is all for the gram,
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> it is how it was made. >> do you want to do traffic together, ready. >> this is a live look, route one north bound near hulmeville road. >> yes. >> burlington bristol bridge is opened -- >> 101, 102, doyletown, delays , come over this way. >> point to it. right there. >> scottie has the forecast in 152nd. >> we got to get out of the way because scott has to come in, there is no 15. come on scott you have to get up over here, one, two, three, four, five. >> all right. that was great, guys we have winter weather advisory that is kick into high gear at one, continuing until 9:00 o'clock tonight, so careful on the roadways out there, it is cold right now temperatures in the mid 20's, teens north and west and watch that snow develop later on this afternoon, one or two, doing holiday shopping
8:55 am
, yeah, it is going to be snowing across the region. visibility will be reduce that had snow will be sticking rapidly because of the cold temperature, gets out of here by 9:00 o'clock and we are looking at one to 2 inches of that snow, some locations could pick up as much as 3 inches of snow, so just be mindful of that, higher amounts will be south and east of philadelphia, seven day forecast will show naughty and also nice weather, with that seven day forecast. >> giant flakes in the studio right now. >> hey. >> you resemble that remark. >> she said the word flake that was not in reference. >> no, stop it. >> yes, it was. >> you got get out. >> you get out of here. >> may the force be with you, star wars is finally here in the theaters, get out, getaway from me. get out.
8:56 am
>> boom. >> i'll get me three. >> go, go go, star wars this weekend, we promise we will not spoil what happened but some of the great highlights we have a critic having his review. men make us miserable ladies we have to wait decade before we get map i we will break down when we are most happen any our o
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right. it is ugly sweater day. >> is what the deal they didn't have enough money to put me in the budget or enough budge tote put me in the last year that was last year we didn't have any money. >> that is all right. >> things are roughy don't know if this would be described. >> i don't know, everything has changed. >> playing with your snow balls. >> is this considered ugly. >> like the sleeves. >> wait, too tight


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